Desert Nights and Lucid Dreams 2020-22

2020-22 were nothing but the years of slowing down, looking inward and reflect. While we were blessed with many commission orders and book illustration projects, Rita also re-discovered something old, something she haven’t done in a while, but something she had been craving… abstraction. The familiar smell of acrylic paint, burlap, books, cotton and  yarn…the warm and fuzzy feeling of intuition taking over..all so familiar to her.

This series takes us down to Memory Lane. Started with a photo, Rita went back to her memories of arriving to NYC as young immigrant artist, walking dogs in Manhattan, getting to know the streets of this amazingly busy, magical city. Just so later on, upon getting a car, she drove across country to lived in mountains of California, and few hours north-west from Joshua Tree. She worked as a dog trainer, a yoga instructor and lived for the outdoors.

“All the backpacking with my dogs, exploring an unfamiliar-to-me territory, and spending endless nights under the wast starry sky have a huge influence on the person I am today”.

This series is about memories and looking inward. Using recycled materials and mostly acrylic paints, yarn, paper, burlap, this series is going back to Rita’s abstract roots, exploring new elements, ideas… and expanding in time and space.