Born in 1983. Budapest, Hungary

Lives and works in Rosendale, New York.

“As a child, I invented a god and had my own faith. There were imaginary animals in my backyard, siblings that came from an alien planet, and secret rituals that kept everyone safe. And no, I’m not mad. I just spend a lot of time in my imagination.

While this has changed, maybe, since reaching adulthood, I still employ fantasy in my artwork. As a means of reaching out to and playing with real-life events, I leave a layer of magical realism in all my work, pulling objects or memories out of context and placing them together somewhere with no time or space. I do this by seeking the synergy that links people and animals, the symmetry in chaos, or the constructs of spacelessness. Yet even in these indulgences, I’m striving to take hold of what’s meaningful, striving to remain in the present and up-to-date.”

Rita Bolla earned her MFA degree with flying colors at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, 2009. Her main focus was – and still is – on painting, but her studies include sculpting (at the Salzburg Summer Academy 2005) and printmaking (at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Marseille in 2008). Rita won several scholarships throughout Europe for artist residencies and she exhibited her works from Hungary to Germany, England, France, Rusia, Finland, and last but not least the United States. She moved to US in 2010 and lived in New York City as well as Los Angeles, being present in several galleries in LA, San Diego, and of course NYC.

When she is not busy creating art, she is working as an animal caregiver and art instructor, going on long hikes, cooking vegan food, as well as holding endless conversations about earth rights, and social activism.

Her works can be found in several notable collections and can be purchased in person or online. She is also available for commission work.

Please send all inquiries to or use our contact form here. Thank you.

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