Born in 1983. Budapest, Hungary

Lives and works in Arrowbear Lake, California.



2004 – 2009 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary, BFA, MFA Painting Department

2005 Salzburg Summer Academy, Austria, Painting Department

2008 Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Marseille, France, Painting Department



2015 Life in the Woods, Fountain Gallery, Lake Arrowhead, CA

2014 Gratitude for Wild Things, Mosaic Gallery, San Diego, CA

2013 Wild Things, The Gypsy Slide Gallery, San Diego, CA

2012 Light on Life, Home Gallery, San Diego, CA

2011  First Year in NYC, Trans Art Area Gallery, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York

2010 Me and my dog, 10 Thousand Step Bookstore, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York

2009  My bunny in Finland, Gallery Gjutars, Helsinki, Finland

2009  Rabbits and Bunnies, Mucius Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2008  Parallel Levels, Goethe Institute, Budapest, Hungary

2008  Ritaresumé07, NO:ID Gallery, London, UK



2015 Art in the Park, Co-Lab Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2015 Cool-Down, Co-Lab Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2014 House of Blues Holiday Art Show, San Diego, CA

2014 RAW: Horizon, House of Blues, San Diego, CA

2013 RAW: Natural Born Artists: Encompass Show, Stingaree, San Diego, CA

2012  Group show at Peter Valentino’s Theater, Los Angeles, CA

2010  My dog and me, Trans Area Art Gallery, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York

2010  The art of Fashion, Hotel Chelsea, Chelsea, New York

2010  The Contrast Art Show, 320 Studios, Midtown Manhattan, New York

2009  Budapest Art Fair, Gallery BéKa, Műcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary

2009  exhibition of the Eszterházy prize nominations, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

2009  Gallery Friss “20 years after the iron curtain” Budapest (HU),

Berlin (DE), Paris (FR), Stuttgart (DE)

2008  Utca 2008, Gödör, Budapest, Hungary

2008  First small hungarian metaobiennale, Artpool, Budapest, Hungary

2008  Beautiful Étrangers: Vent, Marseille, France

2007  Orient-Occident, Künstlerhaus, München, Germany

2007  Noah’s Ark, Nürnberg, Germany

2007  Junge kunst: Ungarn, Galerie in bewegung, München, Germany

2007  MKE collection, Moscow, Russia



2009  Artist-exchange program, Helsinki, Finland

2009  Gallery Friss “20 years after the fall of the iron curtain” award

2008  Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Marseille, Erasmus scholarship, Marseille, France

2007  Orient-Occident Goldener Kentaur competition, München, Germany

2005  Salzburg Summer Academy scholarship, Salzburg, Austria



2013 RAW: Natural Born Artists Organization

2007  Studio of Young Artists Association Hungary



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