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Introducing our newest project: MemoryBox

This is a collection of Rita’s custom art pieces and personal paintings of her own family – freezing moments, memories, period of time so we can cherish and re-live it again. Details under MemoryBox



It’s been increasing hard to post anything. There’s literally nothing else comes to my mind then BLACK LIVES MATTER. Gosh, Black Lives Matter. 
We’ve been somewhat active, marching, calling, signing and when we can donating, but not as much as I want to, and I’ve been feeling really guilty about it.
Sorta ditched my accounts, my website. How can I post about my art (or my happy little life) when we finally awakening to this HUGE issue in America?
For what it worth, I’m creating an army. An army of forest creatures and rainbow animals, but nevertheless an army.
If you buy one, I’m donating to our local organization, fighting for police accountability. So there, maybe that’s something. check my website, email me, let’s make a deal, let’s give back.




Persistence. The portraits behind “The Story of How I Found You.”


15 portraits. 15 women. They’re not celebrities. Theirs are ordinary lives, lived with extraordinary strength. Some I’ve known my whole life. Some I just met. I cherish each of them because they continuously inspire me. Each has stood out, or stood up, for me at pivotal points in my life and my healing journey. When the cascading traumas of sexual abuse, low self-esteem, bad life choices, bad relationships, fertility issues, and marital dilemmas have threatened to cripple me these women have shown me how to overcome. They have each, in their own way, given me unique tools to convert personal sufferings into direct action against social injustice everywhere. Regardless, the very existence of these wise women — veterans of life’s varied horrors — stands as proof of humanity’s great strength. This past year, to honor womanhood, I painted these 15 portraits. I’m not here to tell their stories- that’s up to them. I’m here to revel in their glorious presence. And if you don’t find yourself here, please know I am still inspired by you. This list is completely incomplete, just as we are all imperfectly perfect. I love you and honor you, all.

Little reader with The Story Of How I Found You.


April Feature: Animal Kingdom 

Check out this whimsical series created by Rita and her 3 year old son, Joaquín. Acrylic abstract paintings on canvas, collaged with realistic watercolor portraits of domesticated and neighborhood-wild animals. This series created with these often under appreciated – and often abused – animals in mind, focusing on their personality and uniqueness. Chick here or check under Original Works.


BOOK RELEASE!! Did you hear the news? Rita’s book The Story of How I Found You is out! A picture book for pre- & teens and all about inspiration, every day heroes, connection and just about being human. Stay tuned for book signing events, pandemic permitting. 

“This book is about people. The great ones. The ones who inspire. Who imprint themselves so deeply that the very idea of “you” and what you are capable of is radically transformed. These people need not be celebrities or world leaders. In fact, the people who truly make us come alive rarely ever are. More often than not, they seem on the surface like ordinary, everyday people. Sometimes we recognize their heroic grace at once. Sometimes only many years on. No matter how or when it happens, when the circumstance is ripe, these people will find you and lift you, even when you feel you have nothing to offer. They are out there. Never doubt this. And as you meet each of them, one-by-one, you will come to more fully recognize yourself in them and the value of the path you walk.” – CF Lapinel, writer & editor 



Rita Bolla:  Becoming Human. Works between 2014 to 2018.

“I call this phase Becoming Human. Starting with Transitions through The Vegan Project  to The Book of Persistence. It is a collection of figurative oil-on-canvas artworks and watercolor paintings. They represent the fluidity of life — our transitions from birth to child and adulthood to death — and how we’re always becoming ourselves. They represent the cycle of our becoming animals, becoming conscious souls, and becoming humans.”

Original artworks available for purchase, as well as artist available for custom work. Please click to the contact form or email us for any inquiries.

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Rita Bolla Art Team



Interested in meeting us? Contact Rita for a Studio Visit!

While 2020 introduced some new challenges, and cancelled many plans, Rita is open for a mask-wearing & contactless showcase in her studio in Rosendale, NY,  or via Zoom call. Email ritabolla@gmail.com to set up a time.


For more info, updates, pictures, and snippets from Rita’s life, please follow us on Instagram @ritabollaart.

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